Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

After School Members Reveal Leader Jung-A as Being Close to 60 kg

If After School’s Lizzy’s words are right, leader Jung-A has made a big stretch on her official profile.

In the July 25 broadcast of MBC’s Week Idol, the After School members were featured as a guest for the program’s one year anniversary.

During the corner, a look at the After School members’ official profile was done. For member Jung-A’s official profile her measurements were listed as 167cm and weight of 49 kg.

However, she was outed immediately by her other members with Juyeon saying, “That’s a lie. Hurry and come clean. She’s 55kg.” Making Jung-A laugh while showing a shocked expression.

Fanning the flames of the issue, Lizzy then blurted out, “She’s close to 60 kg!”

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