Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Japan’s Kyaryy Pamyu Pamyu Tweets Then Deletes About T-ara

Japanese fashionista and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has tweeted about T-ara and its controversy.

On July 30, the singer tweeted, “Outcasts are no good. Really low! They say the ones that are outcast have a problem too but that’s all a lie. The ones making others outcasts are 100%, 1000000000% bad! How much the tormented must be suffering… just reading the news makes my heart hurt.”

She added, “Though I’m not a group so I can’t be outcast, if I was together all the time with a group? I think I’d want to quit! I don’t think I would want to go.”

The singer also added her disappointment in T-ara saying, “I used to like T-ara but… I really don’t like this and I can’t understand. I really don’t like it.”

She later deleted the last tweet about T-ara.

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