Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

[Photo] Skull & Haha to Bring Reggae Rythm to Korea

Newly formed reggae duo Skull & Haha released their first mini album YA MAN on July 30. The duo celebrated their album release with a showcase at the KT Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun on the same day, where they performed some of their new songs, including Waikiki Brothers and Busan Vacances.

The two artists are close friends of the same age, and have already even performed on MBC TV′s Infinity Challenge, but to a lackluster reception.

Although it is a fairly unknown genre of music in Korea, the two are back nontheless to spread their love for reggae once again.

Entertainer and singer Haha has a personal love for reggae, while Skull is a renown reggae veteran both in Korea and in the US. Skull is currently working with Mariah Carey′s brother Morgan Carey to prepare for his next US tour and album.

The duo bring color to the grey concrete of Gwanghwamun

Haha changes his hairstyle to fit the reggae mood.

Skull shows off the free spirit of reggae with a bare chest.

The duo answers questions from the fans and journalists.

Genuine friendship, in the name of reggae!

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