Senin, 30 Juli 2012

A-Jax Holds Successful First Autograph Session With Fans

A-Jax met and held a successful first autograph session with its fans on July 28 at the Suseo Youth Center.

Despite the fact that A-Jax only debuted two months ago, the autograph session was attended by fans from as far away as China, Japan, Indonesia and other Asian countries, reflecting the group’s mass appeal.

Moreover, the fans in attendance included kids under the age of ten through middle-aged mom fans coming with their daughters and even a handful of male fans, showing the group’s diverse fan group.

During the event, the A-Jax member made eye contact with each fan while shaking their hands and proceeded to sign autographs.

Regarding the session, the A-Jax members shared, “It was a short and dream-like time. With our debut in Japan coming up, we’re delighted to have a time to meet with our fans and we ask for your continued encouragement and love for A-Jax.”

A-Jax is currently promoting the track Hot Game and will make its official debut in Japan in early August.

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