Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Younha Models to Give Opportunities to the Homeless

Younha was able to catch two birds with one stone by participating in a recent photoshoot with The Big Issue magazine.Appearing adorable as ever, Younha appeared as a doll with her short curly hair and colorful outfits.

But her sole purpose wasn’t to look nice in the pictorial, but to help out those in need.

The Big Issue is a magazine that started in the United Kingdom and is now published in eight different countries.

The purpose of the magazine is to give opportunities to the homeless to earn legitimate income by selling the issues at a higher price. The magazine was made with the hope of helping the homeless gradually regain control of their lives.

Despite being busy with her fourth album activities, Younha was passionate about being a part of the magazine.

Her company said, “Although she’s busy, Younha is the type of person who will give her all to do something that she believes is right. She had a great time with the The Big Issue shoot and was thankful for allowing her participate in such a good project. We hope that fans will continue to support and send love to Younha as she continues to meaning projects in the future.”

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