Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Shin Se Kyung Says Drinking With BoA Has Rotted Her Liver

Shin Se Kyung has revealed she frequently goes out for drinks with her friend BoA.

In the July 25 episode of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment the show’s crew went to hold an interview with the cast and crew of the upcoming fighter jet movie R2B: Return to Base.

During the interview, the show asked cast member Shin Se Kyung about supposed rumors she was a strong drinker.

Shin Se Kyung responded that when her condition was good she drank about one and a half bottles of soju and when her condition wasn’t, she mixed her drinks.

Fellow cast member Lee Ha Na then asked, “I heard you frequently hold soju parties with BoA?”

Shin Se Kyung replied, “I do frequently drink with BoA. When we get together for drinks we tend to drink slowly. Just recently I met [with BoA] and had a lot of drinks but I suffered so much the next day due to the hangover. I think my liver has slightly rotted now,” causing her cast members to laugh.

R2B: Return to Base premiere on August 15.

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