Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Sandara Park Unveils 2NE1′s First Photobook

First a new album, then a Global Tour, 2NE1 is on a roll as it will be releasing its first photobook.

On July 26, 2NE1’s Sandara Park wrote on her me2day, “What’s up? We 2NE1!! ^_^ Finally~ 2NE1′s first!!! Photobook will be released~!!!! 2NE1 + Nikon went to the Philippines!!! All of the members went on a trip to the Philippines last February!!! This travel book contains fresh pictures of 2NE1′s adventures~ It’s a photo album ^^ This weekend, during 2NE1′s concert, there’s a possibility that you might see this for the first time at the site!”

Along with the post, Sandara Park uploaded a sneak preview of the beautifully designed photobook, which she hinted will be sold in the official merchandise section at 2NE1’s concert.

2NE1 will be beginning its New Evolution Global Tour in Seoul on July 28 and 29, before traveling to the US and Japan.

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