Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Hwa Young and Hyo Young Respond to Core Contents Media Announcement.

On July 30, the CEO of Core Contents Media announced that Hwa Young will be leaving T-ara with a clean break from her contract with the company.

The CEO also announced that there were no member conflicts and Hwa Young’s leaving has nothing to do with the rumors that were spun after the T-ara members tweeted mysterious messages.

The tweets led to the belief that Hwa Young was being bullied in the group.

Following after the official announcement by Core Contents Media, Hwa Young and Hyo Young both left short messages on their twitters.

Hwa Young tweeted, “Facts with no truth,” while Hyo Young left an even simpler tweet of “.................”

The sisters’ tweets implied that there might be more than what was announced by Core Contents Media, making fans leave comments such as, “Tell us the truth,” “The news is quite heartbreaking,” and “We’re on your side, so stay strong.”

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