Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Japanese Staff Member Comments on Her Impressions of T-ara and Hwa Young

A Japanese staff member, who once worked with the T-ara members, stepped forth after Hwa Young’s departure from the group to talk about what she saw in the member at the time.

The staff member had helped T-ara with its magazine shoot as an interpreter in February, and tweeted about her impressions on July 30.

She said, ‘When I was with T-ara as an interpreter and magazine assistant, I noticed that Hwa Young never really talked with anyone and was very quiet. She just did her work. To us staff, however, she always showed a smiling face. She gave the best impression out of all the members. I heard that she seemed to feel like a stranger because she was a new member, so I tried to make her feel comfortable. She still seemed weak, so I thought perhaps she wasn’t getting along well with her members. Unfortunately, I guess in showbiz the idols with strong personalities live on while the kind and friendly ones find it hard to do so.’

News on the Hwa Young and T-ara issue has already spread to Japan. Many outlets have reported on the incident, and netizens have been leaving a variety of opinions in the comments.

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