Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo Celebrates his Birthday with 2NE1, Tiger JK and Fans

It was Shinhwa Lee Min Woo’s 34th birthday on July 28 and the singer kept himself quite busy.

On July 28, he uploaded two pictures onto his Facebook page. He wrote, “Today is my birthday. At the 2NE1 concert with my family.” In the picture, Lee Min Woo is seen with his friends and older sister.

He later uploaded another picture, saying, “At the 2NE1 concert with Dara’s invitation~ ^^ It started! I’m the Best opening~”

The next day on July 29, Lee Min Woo had a special birthday event titled, ‘Minwoo of Dignity,’ at a club in Hongdae. There, he celebrated his birthday with 728 fans, where he performed and chatted with his fans.

Also at the party were rappers Bizzy and Tiger JK, who was also celebrating his birthday on July 29.

Lee Min Woo posted a picture and wrote, “Came to the ‘Min Woo of Dignity’ club birthday party and (Tiger) JK hyung and Bizzy brought the atmosphere up! ^^ It’s been 13 years since I’ve known JK. Time flies but we did not change. Thank you bro~ That’s to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Today is JK’s birthday. Please send birthday wishes to him!”

Lee Min Woo’s older sister also tweeted a picture from the birthday party, thanking fans for showing so much love to his little brother.

Happy belated birthdays to Lee Min Woo and Tiger JK!

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