Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

‘Haeundae Lovers’ Releases Two Humorous Main Posters

KBS released two new main posters for its upcoming drama Haeundae Lovers on July 31.

The first poster shows the drama’s full main cast on a boat. While the two leads, Kim Kang Woo and Jo Yeo Jeong, do the infamous ‘Titanic pose’ on the boat’s bow, the rest of the cast members can be seen in various humorous poses including fighting to take over the boat’s helm, drinking soju and slipping overboard.

The second poster also is done in a humorous fashion with Jo Yeo Jeong’s hauling up a fishing net with fish and Kim Kang Woo in a suit. On the poster is written, “Love caught coolly!”

A drama production staff shared, “The merits of Haeundae Lovers, which will bring refreshing laughter and amusement during this hot summer, are the drama’s characters who will grab the hearts of viewers in a new way. As the two posters show, the drama’s entire atmosphere is not solely a romantic comedy that will tell a love story. We ask viewers for your support and views.”

Haeundae Lovers will premiere on KBS on August 6.

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