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2NE1 Shows Off Its Own Style for ‘1st Look’

2NE1 has become creative directors for 1st Look magazine’s special anniversary issue, presenting each member’s unique style.

Revealed on July 19, the 2NE1 members are each featured on four different versions of 1st Look′s cover, and they represent four different elements to the theme of New Evolution, which is also the name of 2NE1’s Global Tour.

CL represents ‘style,’ Park Bom ‘Beauty,’ Sandara Park ‘Relationship’ and Minzy ‘Culture.’

As creative directors, each member showcased their own individual style through unique and trendy looks that only 2NE1 could pull off.

During the interview with 1st Look, the members talked about their new song I Love You and their upcoming concert tour.

With the new challenge the 2NE1 members took on with the trot-infused, electronic pop song, the members talked about the reactions they received from the public.

“We wanted to see people say, ‘This is so innovative. So there’s something new like this. I never knew 2NE1 had an image like this,’” said Sandara Park.

Minzy also talked about how after the performance for I Love You, more people talked about how she should cut back on the sexy dancing since she’s still underage.

“Also Beyonce’s dancer worked with us for this song and the first choreography that he made was too sexy to the point it would almost be impossible to make it on Korean television. So everyone at our company, including or CEO, took out certain parts and lessened the sexy to create the choreography we have now,” said Minzy.

Sandara Park added that more than the performance, which she worked really hard on, most people only focused on her hairstyle.

“But they say that it looks good, so I’m relieved," she said. "I thought the reaction was going to be bad, but they seem to like it.”

The entire pictorial and interview can be found on 1st Look’s website.

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