Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Fans Begin Leaving T-ara′s Fan Cafes, Forming Anti-Cafes and Cancelling Concert Tickets

T-ara has begun experiencing a backlash from the Hwa Young controversy.

With netizens becoming increasingly critical of the war of words being issued by Core Contents Media and former T-ara member Hwa Young, T-ara is now beginning to experience a definite decrease in popularity.

The T-ara members have now been branded as bullies and is facing its biggest crisis to date, with some 6,300 fans already having left T-ara’s fan cafes and beginning to voice their displeasure at the recent unfolding of events.

In addition, fans have begun cancelling their reservations for T-ara’s upcoming Seoul concert with comments such as, “I have no intention of watching a seven-member T-ara without Hwa Young”, “I have no will to go all the way out to Jamsil” and “What is the real truth? I’m just going to cancel my T-ara concert reservations.”

T-ara’s upcoming August 11 exclusive concert had previously revealed it had sold out all its standing and R-section seats leaving just 600 seats left.

With fans beginning to cancel their reservations, the outcome for T-ara’s concert remains unclear.

One of T-ara′s major fan cafes, Mystique, also caused a shock by revealing it had changed into a T-ara anti-fan cafe.

Mystique′s operator left a message on July 30 detailing the reasons saying, "I was very disappointed to see the recent turn of events with T-ara. Though I liked T-ara from its debut, I experienced a severe disappointment through this incident. My heart is broken that the feelings I had [for T-ara] the last three years has burst like a bubble. I no longer have the heart to operate this cafe anymore."

The operator added it has plans to change the cafe into a Hwa Young cafe. The cafe, though not an official fan cafe of T-ara, has been in operation since May 12 of 2009 and currently has 38,711 members.

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