Senin, 30 Juli 2012

T-ara’s Largest Fan Site Announces Its Closure

T-ara’s largest fan site has announced its closure.

On July 30, T-ara’s largest fan site, T-ara dot com, announced on its homepage it would cease operations.

Titled, ‘T-ara Dot Com Will End Operations,” the fan site’s operator wrote, “Hello, this is the administrator. The fan site will cease operations. As it was my first time overseeing a fan site, there was a lot of things I lacked and I want to thank all the members for their hard work. If it is destined, I hope we will meet again. Thank you. Site operation closure date: August 15.”

T-ara Dot Com is T-ara’s largest fan site and has accumulated over four million views so far. According to the site’s members, the operator of the site experienced a huge shock from the T-ara controversy and began feeling growing pessimism over the situation.

The shut down date of the site, August 15, comes one day after T-ara’s originally scheduled comeback date of August 14.

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