Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

SBS Producer Apologizes while MBC Producer Denies Making Statement about Hwa Young

After making a bold statement about not casting T-ara again, SBS producer Ryu Chul Min deleted his posts on Facebook and Twitter and apologized.

On July 30, Ryu Chul Min tweeted, “After seeing the T-ara’s articles, I felt bad for Hwa Young and wrote out my personal thoughts. I didn’t realize that my personal opinion would come off as an official statement. I apologize.”

At the same time, MBC producer Lee Sang Hyub also spoke up the statement saying that it was not he who commented on Ryu Chul Min’s post, but another person with the same name who did so.

MBC stated, “We would like to let you know that the ‘Lee Sang Hyub’ being mentioned in the media is not MBC producer Lee Sang Hyub but a person with the same name. The ‘Lee Sang Hyub’ working at MBC does not have Twitter, and has no relation to the Lee Sang Hyub’ in the articles.”

On July 30, Core Contents Media announced that Hwa Young will be exiting from the company without circumstances amidst rumors of bullying.

Hwa Young retorted to the announcement saying, “Facts with no truth,” creating a bigger stir amongst the T-ara fans.

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