Senin, 30 Juli 2012

SBS and MBC Producers Side with Hwa Young

In light of the Hwa Young – T-ara controversy, SBS and MBC producers made a bold claim, showing their support for Hwa Young.

On July 30, SBS producer Ryu Chul Min tweeted, “Oh Hwa Young TT_TT I promise not to cast T-ara again.” He posted the comment on is Facebook as well, where MBC producer, Lee Sang Yub, commented, “Oh, then me too, hehe.”

The comments, however, seemed to be half serious and half joking, with the producer using laughing terms in their posts.

The tweet and the Facebook comment have both been removed, but not before quick netizens made screen captures and spread it online, making the names of the producers reach number one on most searched.

As the controversy suddenly erupted within hours of Core Contents Media’s announcement and Hwa Young’s tweet that implied the company was lying, T-ara fans have left fanclubs and canceled concert tickets, demanding the truth

With two producers, who have created notable works for television, siding with Hwa Young, netizens are claiming that there are hidden secrets that have not been revealed by Core Contents Media.

Netizens commented, “How badly did T-ara act that producers are even saying this?” and “If producers are siding with Hwa Young, they must know something we don’t.”

However, at the same times, some netizens disagreed with the producers publicly expressing their opinions. One comment read, “It’s too early to make assumptions and take sides.”

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