Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

The Now Seven-Member T-ara to Stand on Stage For The First Time Since Hwa Young’s Departure

The now seven-member T-ara will be standing on stage for the first time since Hwa Young’s departure.

T-ara will stand on stage at the Yeosu Expo on August 1 as part of SBS’ K-Pop Yeosu Expo Super Concert as originally planned. As it is T-ara’s first performance and public appearance as a group since Hwa Young’s departure, many are curious to see how the new T-ara will be.

Aside from the Yeosu Expo concert, T-ara is currently not making any other schedules and has cancelled all music show program appearances this week.

In addition to T-ara, the Wonder Girls, f(x), SISTAR, After School, Secret, A Pink, ZE:A, B.A.P, Dal Shabet, Girls’ Day and EXO-K will also perform in the concert.

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