Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Netizen Dig Up ‘Proof’ of T-ara Members Bullying Hwa Young in the Past

Ever since rumors about T-ara member conflicts began circling online, netizens have been pooling together what they believe is proof of the bullying.

Posted on various online websites, netizen claim that T-ara has been bullying Hwa Young on various television shows, playing off their actions as a joke.

Several screen captures of the group show Hwa Young, sitting at a distance away from the group. One picture showed Hyo Min poking Hwa Young in the eye, while another showed Hyo Min covering Hwa Young away from the camera.

Others showed Eun Jung, forcefully stuffing a large rice cake into Hwa Young’s mouth, despite her scrunched up face. The other members laughed as this was going on.

When T-ara was featured for KBS’ Star Life Theater, Eun Jung revealed her personal discomfort and hesitation in adding one or two members to the group, believing that it could ruin the atmosphere of the team.

Also on the same show, Ji Yeon negatively remarked that she has never seen Hwa Young reading a book before and it’s for show since there is a camera.

While some of these claims by netizens seem forced to fit the situation, in light of the drama that has been happening, netizens are inclined to believe that some of the jokes that T-ara members played on Hwa Young during the broadcast were gradual hints that lead to the controversy that happened on July 30.

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