Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung Image Dropped From Daewoo Securities’ Advertisements

As the T-ara-Hwa Young scandal continues to brew, member Ham Eun Jung is arguably dealing with the brunt of the issue.

With businesses continuing to monitor the T-ara situation and contemplating their current endorsings by T-ara and its members, Daewoo Securities has responded to the controversy by dropping Ham Eun Jung’s images from their promotions.

Ham Eun Jung’s promotional images were quietly removed from Daewoo Securities operations and the company plans to not shoot any more television commercials featuring the T-ara member.

On the company’s reason for the dropping of Ham Eun Jung, the company stated, “There are some not so good stories about T-ara and so we decided to change our advertisement image.”

The company however, does not plan to cancel the contract with Ham Eun Jung which is slated to end in September.

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