Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

U-KISS’ AJ Temporarily Halts Music Activities to Attend Columbia University

U-KISS’ AJ will temporarily be halting his activities as a singer to attend to his studies.

U-KISS’ NH Media made the announcement through its homepage on July 29 saying, “Previously in a press release we had announced AJ had been accepted to America’s Columbia University. In relation with this, for his studies abroad in America U-KISS’ upcoming Japan concert will be AJ’s last activity with U-KISS and he will temporarily be leaving U-KISS. “

NH Media added, “[AJ’s] temporarily halting of activities with U-KISS does not mean he is leaving the group but will temporarily be absent from the group for approximately five months while he is [studying] in America and plans to return to U-KISS and its activities in the beginning of next year.”

The agency also apologized AJ wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to his fans in Korea through activities here saying his entrance period and U-KISS’ activities in Japan happened to fit together and asked fans continue to send AJ their encouragements until he returns to U-KISS.

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