Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Will Hwa Young’s Twin Sister, Hyo Young, Remain with Core Contents Media?

While Hwa Young, who is embroiled in outcast rumors, is leaving T-ara and Core Contents Media, attention is being focused on whether Hwa Young’s twin sister, Hyo Young, will be remaining with the same agency.

Kim Kwang Soo, head of T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media, said through a press release on July 30 that Hwa Young’s contract would be cancelled without condition and that she would be let go as a free agent singer.

With this, Hwa Young became a free agent after being released by Core Contents Media.

As Hyo Young, Hwa Young’s twin sister, is also signed with Core Contents Media, many have been curious on what choice Hyo Young will make herself.

A rep from Core Contents Media told enews on the subject, “Hyo Young has an exclusive contract with Core Contents Media. It has nothing to do with Hwa Young. After the announcement of the cancellation of Hwa Young’s contract, however, we’ll have to see how Hyo Young and Hwa Young react.”

T-ara held its 2012 Japan concert Jewelry Box from July 25-26 in Budokan. Hwa Young wasn’t able to perform onstage due to her leg injury, and after the concerts ended the T-ara members left tweets that seemed to imply that Hwa Young was an outcast.

After the tweets went viral on the web, Kim Kwang Soo had stated that he would be making an important announcement on the issue, which turned out to be about Hwa Young′s contract cancellation.

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