Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Psy Performs Parodies of BoA, SNSD and More on ‘Go Show’

Flaunting his flexible hip, Psy appeared on SBS’ Go Show and showed girl groups how it’s done.

On July 27, Psy talked about how he enjoyed being sexy during his concerts and found out that he was pretty flexible around his hip area while he performed parodies of female idol groups.

To prove his point, Psy and two back dancers took the stage on the Go Show and performed Park Ji Yoon’s Adult Ceremony, BoA’s Moto, Girls’ Generation’s Gee, and even Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

He was able to hit every point in the choreography, at times adding his own flavor to it, exciting the audience with laughs.

After seeing his dance, all the participants in the studio gave Psy a standing ovation. MC Jung Hyung Don and Yoon Jong Shin remarked, “Even as a guy, I think Psy’s body is very pretty,” and “He has the flexibility and volume that a guy can never have.”

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