Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

SISTAR’s Hyolyn Makes Surprise Appearance on ‘Comedy Big League 3’

SISTAR’s Hyolyn is giving her comedy chops another go.

In the upcoming broadcast of tvN’s Comedy Big League 3, Hyolyn will make a surprise appearance on the show’s stage with the ‘Dog-parta’ team.

She will reportedly show both a cute and spunky side to her as well as her sultry and sexy side the help of a mask. Without the mask on, Hyolyn is her outgoing SISTAR leader self but once her mask is put on, she exudes sexiness with her sultry dance and actions.

A production staff member dished on Hyolyn’s appearance saying, “When Hyolyn made her surprise appearance, the reaction from the crowd was even hotter than when will.i.am came on stage.”

Dog-parta’s leader Yoo Nam Suk expressed his thanks to Hyolyn saying, “Despite Hyolyn’s busy schedule, she came four hours before the airing of our corner to rehearse with us. Thanks to her we were proud to show our best collaboration to date.”

The episode will air on tvN on July 28.

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