Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Kim Soo Hyun Cheers on Park Tae Hwan in the London Olympics

Kim Soo Hyun, along with the rest of Korea, is cheering on Korean swimmer Park Tae Hwan at the London Olympics.

The cheering squad ‘9 to London’ revealed photos of the actor cheering on Kim Soo Hyun on July 30 from London where Kim Soo Hyun has been since July 27.

The pictures showed Kim Soo Hyun cheering on Park Tae Hwan at the finals for the freestyle 400m race in which the swimmer earned a silver medal in. Kim Soo Hyun will continue to cheer on Park Tae Hwan at the 200m and the 1500m races.

The pictures also showed Kim Soo Hyun in a group shot with the cheering squad members, signing autographs and eating together with the squad.

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