Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

T-ara′s So Yeon to Skip Tomorrow’s Press Conference for ‘Haeundae Lovers’

As the Hwa Young-T-ara controversy continues to grow, the T-ara members are continuing to be affected by the issue.

Member So Yeon is set to make her television drama debut through KBS’ Haeundae Lovers in August. Playing the role of the part time worker Lee Kwan Soon, many were anticipating the singer’s transformation into an actress.

Nonetheless, since the T-ara issue has come up netizens have begun flocking to the message board of Haeundae Lovers and calling on her to step down from the show.

The drama’s production has maintained it has no plans of kicking out So Yeon and has insisted the T-ara controversy has no connection with So Yeon being in the drama.

However, So Yeon will not be in attendance of Haeundae Lovers’ press conference, set to take place on August 1. .

The production source has insisted that So Yeon was not scheduled to attend the press conference from the beginning and the ongoing T-ara issue has no connection but others remain skeptical.

The other T-ara members including Hyo Min, Ji Yeon and Ham Eun Jung have also experienced similar backlashes in their respective television show homepages from netizens.

Haeundae Lovers will premiere on KBS on August 6.

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