Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Big Bang G-Dragon and Taeyang Take Paparazzi Photos of Daesung

After being delayed from their flight to Guangzhou on July 27, it seems that Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang watched the time go by taking photos of fellow member, Daesung.

On July 27, G-Dragon tweeted, “Celebrity secret picture.”

The photo showed Daesung holding on to a gift bag from a fan, while listening to music.

On the same day, Taeyang also tweeted, “Daesung conversing before leaving.”
This time, Daesung was shown talking with two staff members in front of the gate.

Seeing the pictures of Daesung, fans commented, “G-Dragon and Taeyang must be Daesung’s biggest fans,” “These days, celebrities seem to enjoy acting like fans,” and “Are you pretending to be VIPs?”

Big Bang completed a successful concert in Guangzhou on July 28.

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