Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Kim Bum Soo to Perform in New York′s Carnegie Hall

Kim Bum Soo will be holding an exclusive concert in the hall of any singer′s dreams, the New York Carnegie Hall.

On October 20, Kim Bum Soo will be holding his concert 2012 Kim Bum Soo Concert - Get All Right Showchestra in New York.

The singer will fill the biggest main hall in the venue, the Stern Auditorium, with 2,400 seats.

The Carnegie Hall is rarely opened to popular singers, and is thus called the stage of every singer′s dreams. It was first opened in 1891, and boasts a 120 year long history featuring The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Mariah Carey.

Only four Korean singers, Cho Yong Pil, Patty Kim, Insooni and Lee Sun Hee, have performed in the venue. Kim Bum Soo will be the second male singer, following Cho Yong Pil, to perform.

In Korea, Kim Bum Soo performed in the Sejong Center of the Performing Arts, which is also rarely made available for popular singers.

A rep from Kim Bum Soo′s agency said, "K-Pop is currently booming across the world, and the appearance of Korea′s greatest vocalist, Kim Bum Soo, at the Carnegie Hall again heightens the status of K-Pop. We will make sure he puts together the best performance with his pride as a Korean."

Kim Bum Soo′s U.S. tour will continue through four cities in the country.

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