Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Lee Jong Hyuk Surprised on ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Set On His Birthday

Lee Jong Hyuk celebrated his birthday with the cast and crew of his drama.

To commemorate actor Lee Jong Hyuk’s birthday, the production crew of A Gentleman’s Dignity planned a surprise birthday party for the actor. With shooting going well into the night, as soon as the clock struck midnight, the crew members brought out a cake and wished the actor a happy birthday.

With two separate teams shooting for the drama in different locations, not all of the other cast and crew members were present but the actor received a flood of congratulatory text messages on his phone from the other team′s members.

Lee Jong Hyuk thanked the production members for their well wishes and shared, “The best present I received for this birthday was being with all of you guys from A Gentleman’s Dignity.”

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