Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Nichkhun’s Older Brother, Nichan, Tweets Apology For Previous Supportive Tweet to Nichkhun

Nichkhun’s older brother, Nichan has tweeted an apology and deleted a previous supportive tweet message for his younger brother.

On July 26, Nichkhun’s siblings, including Nichan, had tweeted a supportive message to Nichkhun, who is facing issues stemming from his recent DUI vehicle crash. In it, a picture of Nichkhun’s siblings with post-it messages of encouragement was revealed intended to support Nichkhun.

However, the tweet and picture drew out more criticisms from netizens who felt the method was insensitive to Nichkhun’s crash victim and the victim′s family and felt the siblings were making light of a serious situation.

Soon after, the previous tweet by Nichan was seemingly deleted and a new tweet made by Nichan in which he wrote, “I apologize to the injured person, his family, and the Korean people for my recent tweet. I only wanted to cheer up my brother because he was so deeply in pain and despair but I should have been more thoughtful and cautious about people who are related to this accident. I′m so sorry.”

The apologetic tweet however continued to bring a tepid response from netizens with comments such as, “After injuring a person it’s funny how you can take a playful picture while flashing victory signs and then suddenly apologize again after the situation worsens. I’m amazed you can even think to take a picture like that and post it in this kind of situation.”

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