Senin, 30 Juli 2012

‘Tijinyo’ Group Forms Requesting the Truth Behind T-ara As Well as CCM Boycott Petitions

The furor surrounding T-ara, former member Hwa Young and Core Contents Media continues to grow.

An online community group called ‘Tijinyo’, short for those requesting the truth behind T-ara, has emerged and is attracting attention.

A similar group called ‘Tajinyo’ requesting the truth behind Tablo’s academic records has been acting as a major thorn in the side of Tablo for years now, though the two groups are not believed to be in operation by the same individuals.

The group was created on July 29 and describes itself as not being a T-ara anti-café but rather a campaign requesting the truth from T-ara. As of 3 p.m. of July 30 (KST) the membership was listed as 5,888 members.

The group is believed to have been created following the unclear facts behind T-ara and former member Hwa Young’s departure.

In addition, a number of petitions have begun springing up calling for ‘T-ara’s disbandment and exit from the entertainment industry’ while other are calling for a boycott of Core Contents Media’s music.

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