Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Cast and Staff Won’t be Able to Watch Last Episode of ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Together

Kim Ha Neul will be leaving for France on August 3, just before SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity airs its last episode, meaning that the cast won’t be able to get together to celebrate then.

Originally the drama was to air its finale on July 29, and the cast was planning to get together and celebrate its last.

Due to the London Olympics, however, the episode didn’t air, meaning A Gentleman’s Dignity will be airing its finale on August 5, or perhaps even later. The actors, who already have full schedules for August, will not be able to join their staff to watch the last episode.

One official said, “A Gentleman’s Dignity was originally to wrap up near the end of July, so the actors set up schedules for August. As the Korean soccer team, however, started to inch closer to the quarterfinals, there is talk of delaying episodes of A Gentleman’s Dignity again. We don’t know whether it will even be able to air on August 4 or 5. It’s impossible now for us to hold an after-party with the last episode. I believe the actors and staff will get together after their last shoot instead. Filming will end sometime around August 2.”

As A Gentleman’s Dignity didn’t air, its competitor KBS2’s Gag Concert saw a rise in viewership ratings.

The July 29 broadcast of Gag Concert recorded 20 percent in ratings according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, settling in first place for its time slot. SBS’ London 2012, which aired in place of A Gentleman’s Dignity, only gathered 7.9 percent.

A Gentleman’s Dignity continued to top the ratings for its time slot with ratings higher than 20 percent, but there are concerns that it will exit the scene anticlimactically after two weeks of cancellations.

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