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Super Junior′s Eunhyuk Wants to Have Dinner with Actress Choi Jung Won

While Super Junior′s Eunhyuk may not have brought his girlfriend to his dorm, apparently, he′d like to meet up with a special woman for dinner.

On this week′s episode of Mnet′s The Beatles Code 2, Eunhyuk surprised viewers by confessing that he already has someone he really likes: actress Choi Jung Won. Eunhyuk said he had once been such a hardcore fan of hers that he had joined her official online fan club.

He added, “I actually had several opportunities to meet her face to face."

"I left her a message on the fanclub site, and apparently she saw it. Her manager contacted me one day and asked if I would be interested in being invited out for a dinner with her," said Eunhyuk. "But the thing is, I was a newcomer on the scene back then, and I wanted to be careful about what I did. So my manager instead answered back and had to politely reject the offer.”

Eunhyuk had barely finished sharing the story before fellow member Shindong added, “And that isn’t all! Choi Jung Won actually invited Eunhyuk to her fanmeet, but his schedule that day just happened to be so busy that he eventually couldn’t go.”

Though they have never actually met, Choi Jung Won and Eunhyuk seem to have crossed paths here and there, and there are many interesting moments between the two.

In 2007, during the MKMF awards (now MAMA), Choi Jung Won was on stage as an MC, and she suddenly waved into the crowd towards their direction.

The Super Junior members all joined in to say, “Eunhyuk truly believes that she had waved at him. But no one knows who she really waved to.”

Perhaps Eunhyuk has some competition from a fellow member?

Yesung confessed, “I actually thought she had waved at me, so I responded with a deep head bow.”

Eunhyuk then shyly made a video message added that if the offer was still good, he would like to have a dinner with her sometime.

Mnet’s The Beatles Code 2 will air at 11 p.m. on Monday July 30.

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