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Was There Any SIgn of Trouble in T-ara at the Budokan Concert?

The web is hot on fire with sudden ‘outcast’ rumors surrounding T-ara.

It all started when a majority of the T-ara members left tweets that seemed to be aimed at fellow member Hwa Young and her absence from most of the performances for the group’s Budokan concert, saying ‘it’s a difference of how strong your will is’ or ‘we should always be modest’.

The tweets sparked rumors that Hwa Young is an outcast in the group, and brought a wave of ‘evidence’ consisting of photos and videos that seemed to prove that Hwa Young had been bullied for quite a long time.

But what exactly did happen at the Budokan concert?

T-ara’s 2012 Japan concert Jewelry Box was held from July 25-26 in Tokyo’s Budokan. Enews was there to report on the event, and the group even stood in front of us in a press conference.

It was a weekday, the weather was scorching and Hwa Young had injured her leg during a shoot for MBC’s Music Core the week before, but the concert was still splendid and exciting with a total of about 20,000 fans gathered for both days of the concert.

The members didn’t seem to be on bad terms then, as they continued to take care of each other. Eun Jung said onstage on July 25, “Everyone, Hwa Young isn’t here. Why don’t we all call Hwa Young up here? She hurt her leg.”

Hwa Young appeared in front of her fans at the introduction, and said in apology, “I’m so sorry. I hurt my leg during practice. I’ll get better soon and I’ll work hard.” The local fans applauded for her and showed her their support.

Hyo Min added, “We’ll all work hard to fill in for Hwa Young, so please follow us until the end!”

The members helped Hwa Young move out on her crutches, and took care of Hwa Young as she rapped for Day by Day, her only performance of the day.

The press conference proved no different. After holding a successful concert, the members had gathered to speak with the press on how they felt about it.

They passed the microphone to each other, and continued to show their support for Hwa Young.

So Yeon said, “Hwa Young was hurt, so some parts of the concert had to be changed. She’ll probably have felt a big burden weighing on her heart,” and Hwa Young said, “I practiced a lot in Korea, and I’m sad I got hurt like this. I’m so sorry toward the members, and I’ll work hard in my one performance for Day by Day.”

Hwa Young did seem depressed because she was sorry toward her members, but the press conference ended in a bright mood and the concert was led to a success.

No actions or statements hinted that the outcast rumors were true.

Kim Kwang Soo, head of T-ara’s agency, will be making his important announcement on July 30.

What will it be about, and where will the rumors take the group?

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