Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

EXID Welcomes New Members Sol Ji and Hye Rin

EXID, the girl group produced by hit maker Shinsadong Tiger, will be coming back with a pair of new members.

The team’s agency revealed photos of the new members Sol Ji and Hye Rin, and announced that the group was preparing for its comeback in August as a five member group with new colors.

Sol Ji, who is to be the main vocalist of the group, previously debuted with the group 2NB and proved her potential.

She even showed off her wit and ability to imitate others on variety. Vocalist Hye Rin made it through a strong wall of competition to enter the group with her explosive vocals and dance skills.

EXID’s new mini album plans to show off the group’s upgraded musicality, as well as a more mature look.

A rep from the group’s agency said, “We want to thank the fans who continued to show interest and support in EXID’s comeback. As it’s a girl group that Shinsadong Tiger, the popular composer who produced many hit songs for big idol groups, took care in producing, you can look forward to seeing EXID’s talent and potential.”

EXID will finish filming its music video on July 31 and make a comeback sometime mid-August.

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