Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Netizens Flock to T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung TV Show Message Boards Demanding Her Exit Facebook weibo

As furor and scrutiny increases over T-ara’s Hwa Young supposedly being bullied by the other T-ara members, some of the T-ara members are beginning to see a fallout from netizens.

In addition to netizens meticulously digging through past television show appearances and images to find and post further ‘proof’ of Hwa Young being ‘bullied’ by her other members, netizens have also begun flocking to the television show message boards of Ham Eun Jung’s shows and demanding she exits the programs.

The message boards for MBC’s We Got Married and the upcoming SBS drama Five Fingers is currently being inundated with posts by netizens calling for Ham Eun Jung to exit the shows and saying they will boycott the shows if Ham Eun Jung appears in them.

Some of the messages posted read, ‘I refuse to watch the program if you do not make [Ham Eun Jung] exit’, ‘This show does not need someone like Ham Eun Jung’ and ‘If you’re not a good actress, you can’t have a good drama.’

Core Contents Media CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, will release a press release on the growing controversy on July 30.

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