Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Core Contents Media Accuses Hwa Young of Acting Out

The T-ara-Hwa Young controversy is beginning to take an ugly turn.

Following the initial press release and short and vague tweet response from Hwa Young, a new press release was issued by Core Contents Media (CCM) on Hwa Young and her actions.

Following T-ara’s Budokan concert upon returning to Korea, the group appeared on the July 27 episode of KBS’ Music Bank.

However, according to CCM, with just two groups left before T-ara’s stage, Hwa Young unexpectedly said she would not be able to go on stage despite having rehearsed to perform with T-ara while seated in a chair.

The incident left members Ham Eun Jung and Hyo Min scrambling to prepare for Hwa Young’s rap for the stage in a short time, which even resulted in a mistake made by Hyo Min during the live performance.

Additionally, following the performance, on the way back home, Hwa Young was said have thrown her crutches, while in plain view of fans and members of the press, and proceeding to sit on the ground.

When her manager tried to regulate the situation, she is said to have threatened to scream in front of everyone. CCM said some of T-ara’s fans even saw Hwa Young not listening to her manager and had reported it to the press.

CCM added, “Hwa Young acted not as the team’s youngest and as though a top star but the other T-ara members put up with it until now as she was a T-ara member.”

Lastly, CCM’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo shared, “It’s not just Music Bank but such incidents involving Hwa Young have occurred countless times and we wish to not disclose any further incidents to protect Hwa Young. I feel very regretful over Hwa Young’s words left on Twitter. I don’t think Hwa Young knew of the countess opportunities that were given to her and I hope even now she will come to recognize her wrongdoing.”

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