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T-ara’s Hwa Young to Exit The Group With Contract Cancelled

After a series of controversies, Core Contents Media’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo, revealed member Hwa Young will be exiting T-ara.

The press release was issued on July 30 and translates as follows:

For T-ara’s group activities, when one member thinks of herself highly or when a member is moving differently than the group, I believe the team’s entire color and the entire team structure begins to shake.

I would like to inform you that the currently growing talks of making a T-ara member an outcast and discord within the group is not related to the truth.

Even from T-ara’s debut days there were talks of Eun Jung being an outcast, So Yeon being an outcast, Boram being an outcast and others, but these were all stemmed from jealousy at a young age which were quarrels that passed over one or two days before quickly being reconciled.

For [T-ara’s Budokan concert] we moved with some 230 staff members. The difference in will that the T-ara members were referring to was not about coming on and off stage.

If a member is just moving along, being careless and only thinking of one’s self, a performance can only squeak along leading to a performance that only seems fancy on the outside and make it impossible to hold a performance that focuses on the performance’s internal aspect which is what [the T-ara members] meant by saying all the stars and staff would have to hold the performance with their will.

The most important thing to staff and to stars is his or her health.

The reason being that the body has to be healthy and one’s condition good in order to show a great performance on stage.

Eun Jung once had a time she slipped and fell on an icy road and tore a ligament while Ji Yeon once injured her leg during a drama shooting leading her to be in a cast.

Additionally during the recent Japan tour, during the Osaka concert Ji Yeon crashed into a lighting equipment leading to a fracture in her nasal bone and though the hospital recommended emergency surgery and though our staff and the concert attendees were against her standing on stage, Ji Yeon would not let go of her intent to go on stage leading her to finish her performance and, upon returning to Korea, be admitted to the hospital for three days to receive surgery and treatment.

Hwa Young injuring her leg and unable to stand on stage was done for her protection. Despite her insisting she wanted to go on stage, all our staff and the T-ara members stopped her and Hwa Young followed her will to only stand on stage for Day by Day.

Therefore, the talk of differences in will by the T-ara members were not about coming on, and off, stage.

There are countless staff and managers who are giving their all for these stars while receiving a relatively low pay.

Even with the low salary these staff members are driving through the night without sleep, waiting on the stars 24 hours, checking their makeup and wardrobe behind the stage and creating the star’s wonderful appearances and doing so with the goal to create a top star one day sooner.

Additionally, the managers and most staff members are living in small-sized houses or dorms shared with some 3 to 7 other individuals.

If these staff members are being hurt and crying because of a specific star, feeling skepticism over their career path and even coming to switch careers, the T-ara members, who provide the public laughter and joy, are being pretentious and unreal.

The eight members of T-ara who live on the popularity provided by the masses believe in the importance of teamwork over the individual T-ara and because of this we took into respect the opinions of 19 staff members and believing that we shouldn’t have staff members who are having a hard time, I am informing you of a decision made after much contemplation.

I, and many others, believe this is the right decision and know this is a pain like that of tearing a piece off one’s own flesh, but decided this thinking of T-ara’s future and for T-ara’s continued existence and with the staff members, until 7 this morning, we helped the T-ara members to understand and persuaded them.

I’d like to add once more that there never was discord between the T-ara members and Hwa Young, nor any acts trying to make a member an outcast.

Previously I stated that members who did not work hard in the growth system for T-ara from 7 to 9 members and those who gave damages to another member could be replaced or be reinforced with additional members for T-ara’s future.

If T-ara thinks of itself first, become idle and move passively, T-ara will become T-ara in name only and with its insides empty. This is why I believe one should always be humble, strive hard and be refined in their feelings and character.

This is the only way I believe T-ara will move beyond Korea and to become a hallyu T-ara.

As Hwa Young is a rapper with much potential, Core Contents Media has decided to allow [Hwa Young’s] contract to be cancelled without condition and believe as the status of a free agent singer she will be able to find a good place and develop further as a singer.

We are deeply regretful and apologize for the concern we have given to T-ara’s many loving fans and can only say we are sorry to deliver an unfortunate and unsavory bit of news on T-ara’s third anniversary since its debut.

Additionally, myself and the Core Contents Media staff members are sorry we could not listen to the opinion of the T-ara members who wanted to find a way to continue with Hwa Young as I could not go against the feelings of the many staff members who had been experiencing hardships.

Lastly, I want to express my apologetic feelings to the T-ara members and pray Hwa Young will become a superb rapper.

Though the press release revealed the fate of T-ara and former member Hwa Young, many fans were left dissatisfied with the vagueness of the announcement. Such questions that lingered included why member Hwa Young was leaving the group if there was no discord, who the series of Tweets by the T-ara members was referring to if not Hwa Young and also the fate of Hwa Young’s twin sister Hyo Young who is also signed with Core Contents Media.

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