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Weekly Roundup: Kim Junsu Announces World Tour and Nichkhun Busted for DUI

This week, one of Korea’s biggest idol groups held its first concert in China while another idol group member-turned-soloist announced plans for a groundbreaking five-city tour of the Americas.

But things weren’t so rosy for an idol star who was busted for a DUI with some major implications, while another idol group member had to undergo surgery to remove a kidney due to health complications

Read on for more in this week’s Rise and Fall!

Stars on the Rise

1. JYJ′s Kim Junsu Announces Five-City Concert Tour of the Americas

Kim Junsu’s groundbreaking five-city concert tour of the Americas was formally announced this week, leading to squeals of joys from fans nearby the confirmed cities and groans of agony from those whose cities were missed.

New York, L.A., Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Santiago will get to see the music magic conjured up by Kim Junsu this fall.

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2. Big Bang Makes First Visit to China

Big Bang made its first official visit to China on July 20 to hold concerts in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.

And from what Big Bang’s G-Dragon said following the Shanghai concert, Big Bang’s China activities are looking fantastic baby, indeed.

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3. Kim Jae Joong Holds Fan Meeting With 1,500 Fans From Japan

Kim Jae Joong took time from his busy drama filming schedule to hold a fan meeting with some 1,500 fans from Japan on July 22.

Fans were able to visit the set of Kim Jae Joong’s Time Slip Dr. Jin drama, hold a talk session with the singer/actor and, of course, see their favorite star in person.

And the fans didn’t let Kim Jae Joong leave empty handed either.

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4. ‘The Thieves’ Becomes Korea’s Biggest Opening Movie

The star-studded heist movie The Thieves premiered on July 25, where it quickly snatched the record for Korea’s biggest opening movie.

Gathering 436,628 moviegoers on its premiere day, the movie shattered the old record set by The Host in 2006 which drew 395,951 moviegoers to theaters on its opening day.

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Stars Falling Flat

1. Nichkhun Faces Backlash After Being Busted for DUI

It was a rough week for 2PM’s Nichkhun. First, he was busted for driving under the influence after crashing his car into a motorcyclist. Then, the singer’s license was revoked, and he found himself on the receiving end of a barrage of criticisms from netizens.

Soon after, Nichkhun’s endorsement deals took a hit with him being dropped by Caribbean Bay and Samsung, while 2PM’s Japanese program was canned>.

The singer has since tweeted a formal apology and announced he would be taking some time off, followed by an apology from JYP Entertainment.

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2. G.Na Harassed After Comments on B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun

Things seemed innocent enough when G.Na commented on a television program that fellow label mate B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun was the most attractive B2ST member.

However, things took an ugly turn after the show aired with B2ST fans and netizens criticizing and harassing her over SNS.

G.Na soon issued a clarification on her previous statement, saying Yoon Du Jun was like a little brother to her and begging fans to stop their harassment.

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3. B1A4’s Gong Chan Has Kidney Removed

B1A4’s Gong Chan had been suffering from pains in his side for weeks before a medical diagnosis revealed a problem with one of his kidneys. Though recommended to undergo surgery some time ago, the singer delayed his surgery and successfully removed the kidney this week.

He is now recovering from his surgery and will refrain from difficult activities with B1A4 for the time being.

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4. Individuals Revealed to be Selling the Personal Contact Numbers of Idol Stars

An investigative report by SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment revealed a shocking truth on July 25, uncovering individuals who have been selling and purchasing the personal contact numbers of various idol stars.

The report revealed that the numbers were being sold for as little as 5,000 won per contact number, but what was worse was that the sellers were receiving the numbers from industry insiders as well as sasaeng fans.

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