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[Concert Review] T-ara Leads Budokan Concert to a Success

There was more bad news than good news, but T-ara still managed to fill up the concert stage with powerful dance moves and cute and sexy antics.

It wasn’t as splendid as the concerts of other groups, but it still received favorable reviews with its fitting preparations and entertaining lineup.

T-ara became the first Korean girl group to perform in Japan’s Budokan and led the concert to a success, proving just why it was still as strong as it is.

T-ara’s 2012 Japan concert Jewelry Box was held on July 25. It took place on a weekday amid the scorching heat, and member Hwa Young had even injured her ankle a week before during a shoot for MBC’s Music Core.

Still, the group’s fans filled up all the seats and supported the group with their cheers, shaking their light sticks for the members to see. Some fans even stayed standing during the entire two hour long concert, too excited to sit down.

The fans’ support helped the members pull together their passion for their performances. T-ara danced to the hits sung by the original members, So Yeon, Ji Yeon, Hwa Young, Eun Jung, Bo Ram, Qri and Hyo Min, and had the new members Ah Reum and Dani introduce themselves with their own individual talents.

Gang Kiz, the group’s junior labelmate, also performed onstage to join in the celebration.

The concert started with Roly Poly. The T-ara members appeared in cute pastel-colored clothes, and went on to set the stage on fire with their performances of Why are You Being Like This, T-aratic Magic Music, Yayaya and Lies. Fans continued to cheer, and the members, especially So Yeon, answered in fluent Japanese.

A rep from the group’s agency Core Contents Media said, “They’re working hard to care for their Japanese skills. The members have been determined to study Japanese and are investing a lot of time in their studies. I believe they’ll become more fluent in the future.”

95 percent of the concert took place in Japanese, and even the songs were mostly sung in Japanese except for those like Like the First Time or Bye Bye, which hadn′t been introduced in Japan yet.

It was a two hour and 30 minute long tight-knit concert. Even after the concert had ended, the fans stayed behind to shout out for the group, showing the influence T-ara wielded in the country.

One fan said in satisfaction, “I was taken by the splendor that filled up the Budokan. All of the T-ara members were full of charms and we were all happy the entire time. They were perfect.”

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