Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

2PM′s Nichkhun Meets With 2,000 Fans For Debut Thai Movie

2PM’s Nichkhun has returned after participating in a press conference for his debut movie.

Nichkhun left for Thailand on July 19 to attend the press conference for his
upcoming Thai movie Seven Something.

Some 2000 screaming fans were on hand when Nichkhun walked down the red carpet for the event before sitting in front of 200 members of the press and their flashing cameras to answer questions.

Nichkhun expressed his wonderment and delight at attending the press conference saying, “I’m happy to attend my first debut production’s press conference as a movie actor and am experiencing a new feeling. As the movie was a happy one to shoot I believe the movie will remain in people’s hearts and I want to express my gratitude to the patient and helpful staff.”

Seven Something was produced by Thailand’s large-scale movie company GTH and is a three-part movie, centered on three different characters, about love and the changes that come in one’s life every seven years.

The movie also stars popular Thai actress Suquan Bulakul and will premiere in Thailand on July 26.

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