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‘Superstar K4’ Gets Viewers Laughing, Sobbing and Cheering

Mnet’s Superstar K4 managed to make issues with its first episode, but those issues were nothing compared to the interest the second episode gathered on portal sites and social networks.

The second episode of Superstar K4, which aired on August 24, had viewers falling for great talents, tearing up at sad stories and feeling friendly toward some old known faces. Not one contestant that appeared in the 100 minute long episode could be passed up for nothing.

The skilled musicians

Superstar K4 was, despite the issues it made in other areas, definitely an audition for musicians. Many were concerned over whether there would be any talent left after the storm of audition programs swept past, but the show still managed to dig up some precious gems. These talents shined among the other contestants and grabbed the eyes and ears of the judges and viewers.

Private Kim Jung Hwan, a student at the same Berklee College of Music that Psy attended, Kim Hoon, the ‘good-looking musician’ that attends Britain’s Middlesex University, Kye Bum Ju, the rapper/vocalist and the skilled female contestants Kim Seung Ah and Kim Yoo Hee were some of the big talents that appeared in the episode.

Kim Jung Hwan made it to Super Week with his looks, his songwriting abilities and his wit. Kim Hoon, on the other hand, surprised everyone with his unique self-written song and his beautiful voice, but didn’t make it into Super Week because he didn’t “fit audition programs.” Despite his elimination, however, he was one of the figures that gathered the most issues on the web.

The sad stories

Many contestants had back stories that were enough to make anyone tear up. They sang for a mother fighting against cancer, for a girlfriend who passed away, with a friend who couldn’t use his legs after he suffering from an inflammation in the brain and a mother that suffered from financial difficulties after divorce.

After hearing the song of Honey Brown, the team that sang with a member in a wheelchair, Psy said, “You call vocals that can move the ears, technique, but you call vocals that can move the heart, art,” lauding the team’s song as a piece of art that resonated with life and emotion.

Private Lee Yong Hyuk sang Ra.D’s Mother in front of his own mother, a cancer patient, and had everyone, including the judges Psy, Son Dambi and the soldiers in the audience, sobbing with his song. His mother showed her support for her son after meeting him for the first time in three months, telling him he “did well.”

The familiar faces

Many contestants proved to be familiar faces for the viewers. There was a professional singer who used to be big on the music scene, previous contestants of Superstar K3 and other audition programs and a former assemblyman.

JoAnne’s audition, which the producers teased with for so long, finally aired in the last part of this episode. The judges, however, looked somewhat let down by her performance of Big Mama’s Resignation, and the episode left off with Yoon Gun’s decision after Psy gave her a vote to move to the next round and Lee Seung Chul a vote for elimination.

Other familiar faces adorned the episode, including corporal Kim Seung Jae, from the MBC Campus Song Festival′s winning band MuzGrain, the five member female group Live High, which had former Superstar K3 Super Week absentee Kim Ah Ran as a member, Superstar K3 contestant Volume, The Voice of Korea contestant Im Byung Suk and the ‘icon of lawsuits’, former assemblyman and current lawyer Kang Yong Suk.

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