Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

BoA Teeters Between Pure and Sexy for ‘Cosmopolitan’

BoA played around with her shadow for a photo shoot.

The singer posed in a photo spread for the August issue of Cosmopolitan before the release of her upcoming album.

In the photos, she wears white mini dresses, with most of them showing her long hair draped over her back.

One photo shows she has been hit with Cupid’s arrows, and another has her go for a mix of Mona Lisa and William Tell by putting an apple on her long, wavy hair.

Her shadow again shows arrows piercing the shadow of the apple on her head as she wears a vague expression on her face.

BoA said in the interview with Cosmopolitan, “I’ll show a new transformation in my upcoming album. I’ve been practicing with my self-written promotional single.”

When she received praise that SBS’ K-Pop Star was like the ‘rediscovery’ of BoA, she said shyly, “I was taken aback at the unexpected reactions when I had just showed how I am in everyday life.”

To a question asking her how she maintains her beauty and fit body, she answered, “I think it’s thanks to my four to five hours of dance practice a day and my habit of not putting on makeup.”

She said that the ‘real BoA’ not onstage is just “a normal person,” and added, “I spend my time alone not doing anything in a perfect rest, like any normal person.”

She then said she always tries to keep her cool and laugh even if she’s hit with difficulties. The singer that said beautiful women need to be beautiful on the inside will be making a comeback in August as a singer.

The same issue also covered photo spreads and interviews of Infinite, After School and actress Han Chae Young.

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