Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

BoA Becomes Composer Joo Young Hoon’s Date for One Day

Showing love for a fellow entertainer, BoA helped composer and TV personality Joo Young Hoon out by appearing on his radio program.

On August 22, Joo Young Hoon tweeted, “One shot with BoA today! BoA told me that she’s been following all the posts and pictures I’ve been posting! Touched~ Thank you for today, BoA!”

Following after Joo Young Hoon’s tweet, BoA quickly responded, “Oppa thank you for today! You were so good to me that I did the radio broadcast so comfortably!”

BoA appeared on Joo Young Hoon’s MBC FM radio show Joo Young Hoon’s Two O’clock Date as a guest.

The senior and junior entertainers smiled for the cameras, particularly looking good with their matching ‘couple’ shirts of black and white.

Netizens, who saw the picture, commented, “Please make BoA a permanent guest,” “Today’s broadcast was really fun,” and “Loving the adorable matching outfits.”

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