Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

2NE1’s Minzy Fangirls Over Gold Medalist Kim Jae-Bum

On July 31, Korean athlete Kim Jae Bum won the only missing Olympic medal in his collection: the gold.

The good news of Kim Jae Bum’s triumph got Korea celebrating, including some fangirling by 2NE1’s Minzy.

On July 31, the singer tweeted, “Kim Jae Bum, who prays before going on and after coming off [the mat], is so awesome ^^ Kim Jae Bum, I’m cheering for you! Fighting! Haha.”

Kim Jae Bum was able to win the gold during the men’s under-81 kg judo competition, where he defeated Germany’s Ole Bischof, who took the gold from him in Beijing four years ago.

Netizens, upon seeing Minzy’s excitement, commented, “I totally feel the same way,” and “My palms were sweating the entire time.”

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