Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

4minute Hyuna Launches the ‘Hyuna x Spicy Color’ Line

4minute’s Hyuna used to her creativity and talent to launch a ‘Hyuna x Spicy Color’ line with clothing brand, Spicy Color.

Showcased through style magazine Fast, Hyuna’s pictorial showed the young singer dressed in various styles, including nerdy, cute and sexy.

The special point in this pictorial was that Hyuna collaborated with Spicy Color to launch a ‘Hyuna x Spicy Color’ line, which includes clothes that Hyuna personally designed and created with the company.

With a retro, chic, sexy concept, the clothing exhibited an old vintage style.

Perhaps feeling good about wearing the clothes she designed, Hyuna went through the photoshoot happily, posing like a professional model and gaining positive feedback from the staff.

More of Hyuna’s photos will be available in the August issue of Fast.

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