Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

T-ara and Core Contents Media to Sue Media Outlets that Reported on Unchecked Facts

T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media plans to take strong legal measures against seven media outlets that reported on internet posts without checking the truthfulness of its contents.

On August 3, a rep from Core Contents Media said, “We have appointed two lawyers to form a case against media outlets that took posts off of the internet and reported on them without checking with the agency or the writer of the post, causing great backlash in society. From August 6, the legal processions will start.”

According to Core Contents Media, the media outlets being sued in this action reported on the post written by an ‘agency trainee’, the post written by ‘T-ara’s backup dancer’, tweets by Kim Kwang Soo himself, edited versions of Hwa Young’s tweets and other unchecked internet posts.

The rep added, “Because media outlets reported on unfiltered posts and videos related to the T-ara ‘outcast’ incident, the situation became even more aggravated. Media outlets should please make sure they report only on checked facts not only for this incident, but for others.”

T-ara plans to continue with individual activities after cancelling its concert that was originally to be held on August 11.

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