Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

A Gentleman’s Dignity Inspires Makeup Tricks To Help Win Over the Age Gap

The two dramas I Do I Do and A Gentleman’s Dignity are popular nowadays because of a new reason: couples that have a large age gap.

In I Do I Do, Kim Sun Ah plays a woman who is 11 years older than her partner played by Lee Jang Woo. Similarly, in A Gentleman’s Dignity, Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi play lovers who have a 17 year age difference.

With this, people are turning their attention to makeup tips on how to look different from their actual age.

On July 25 at 11 p.m., fashion and beauty channel On Style’s Get It Beauty will be presenting viewers with tips on how to win over the intimidating age gap.

Professional makeup artists and hair stylists will be present on stage to show viewers exactly how they can easily do the same makeup themselves.

Makeup artist Choi Dae Gyun presents initial tips, such as how the three golden rules to a younger face are straight eyebrows, glowing pink cheeks and glossy lips.

Other professionals will advise young women like Yoon Jin Yi’s character in A Gentleman’s Dignity, to look more mature for their older boyfriend. One tip they offer is to try matte skin and coral-colored lips and cheeks.

This episode of Get It Beauty will also invite 50 Better Girls to the studio to share their stories of love and pain while dating younger and/or older men.

Some of their stories will include older women desperately trying to look young when meeting their younger boyfriend’s friends, and younger women trying to look mature in front of their older boyfriends.

Get It Beauty is a viewer-friendly beauty show that lets fans also participate to give other viewers useful and real makeup tips.

Former girl group SES member MC Eugene leads the show along with 50 Better Girls who are invited to the studio, to talk about different tips and experiences related to makeup. Get It Beauty is broadcasted on the On Style channel at 11 p.m., every Wednesday.

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