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Weekly Roundup: Celeb Rise and Fall

This week, DBSK broke its own record in Japan with a huge accomplishment on the Oricon chart, while SS501’s Park Jung Min won a long-drawn lawsuit against his former agency.

Meanwhile, T-ara was all over the headlines this week for its messy and biggest crisis to date, while JYJ and its agency filed a huge lawsuit against a news outlet.

Read on for more in this week’s Rise and Fall!

Stars on the Rise

1. DBSK Sets New Records on the Oricon
DBSK made history on Japan’s Oricon charts once more this week.

Not only did the group top both Oricon’s daily and weekly DVD charts this week with its concert DVD Live Tour 2012~Tone~, DBSK currently holds the title of foreign artist with the most number one records in Oricon’s history, having topped the weekly DVD chart four times already.

The group also set a new record as the first foreign artist to have two consecutive DVD releases on the Oricon DVD chart.

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2. SS501’s Park Jung Min Wins Lawsuit Against CNR Media

After many months, SS501’s Park Jung Min won a big decision in his case against CNR Media to have his contract suspended.

Park Jung Min will now be free to be active in Korea as well as abroad, and the singer has wasted no time in showing his relief and thanking his fans

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3. Psy Sparks Global ‘Gangnam Style’ Fever

Psy’s Gangnam Style became a hit almost immediately upon its release in Korea, but few could have anticipated that the track would become a global viral hit with the likes of Robbie Williams, Josh Groban and even T-Pain showing their appreciation of the oh-so-classy and refined music video and track.

Media outlets from The Soup to Billboard and even The Huffington Post couldn’t resist Psy’s charms, as the music video has racked up over 10 million views on YouTube.

The cherry on top? Psy has been dominating Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 for the second week in a row

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Stars Falling Flat

1. T-ara Faces Biggest Crisis of Its Career

A series of tweets from the T-ara members sparked a huge controversy and major PR issue for Core Contents Media that resulted in member Hwa Young ultimately leaving T-ara.

What followed was the beginning of a netizen witch hunt, a major headache for businesses contracted with T-ara, delays all-around for T-ara and the spawn of what looks like a major thorn on CCM’s side.

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2. JYJ Files 100 Million Won Lawsuit Against News Outlet

JYJ announced plans this week to seek justice against a news outlet by means of a major lawsuit.

Suing for libel and invasion of privacy, the lawsuit stemmed from the news oulet’s release of audio files and stories in March which the news outlet said showed the JYJ members abusing sasaeng fans.

Though unconfirmed, many have speculated the legal battles involving JYJ may have led to Park Yoo Chun shutting down his Twitter recently.

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3. Super Junior Leeteuk’s Private Information Leaked Again

What should have been a sweet week for Super Junior’s Leeteuk, with the idol group’s recent single snagging trophies and preparations for a repackaged album set in motion, quickly turned sour when Leeteuk revealed hackers had gotten a hold of his private information once more.

As this isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred, the happening for the Super Junior leader is proving all too common among idol stars.

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