Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Lee Dong Wook Becomes Model for Outdoors Wear Brand, Echoroba

Lee Dong Wook is now the face of outdoors wear brand, Echoroba.

The in-demand actor has landed yet another endorsement deal with Echoroba, which has released its first batch of advertisements.

With his tall and lean frame, Lee Dong Wook stands wearing Echoroba’s clothes and gear looking like he’s fully ready to rough it out in the woods.

A spokesperson for Echoroba shared, “Appealing to all ages and with his bright and healthy image fully shown on the small screen and even in variety programs recently, we believed he would convey the value of our brand perfectly and decided to cast him as our model. We’re looking forward to his influence as our model in the future.

The new commercials featuring Lee Dong Wook will begin airing on television in September.

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