Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Seo In Guk Appears on ‘Comedy Big League 3’ and Gets Praised For His Comedic Ad-Libs

Seo In Guk has dropped by Comedy Big League 3’s filming to display his comedic chops.

Seo In Guk′s appearance will be seen in the upcoming episode of the comedy show as a surprise guest in the ‘Dog-parta’ team’s corner.

Receiving growing attention for his acting on Reply 1997, in the Comedy Big League 3 corner, Seo In Guk will engage in an acting battle with comedian Yoo Nam Suk. Working with the Dog-parta team, Seo In Kuk’s acting and comedy skills took the cast and audience by surprise.

The Dog-parta team shared, “Among the guests we’ve had until now, [Seo In Kuk] has been the most hard-working so far. With Seo In Guk′s talents and his ad-libs the stage became a lot more funnier.”

The episode will air on August 11.

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